Séance Works

by C.R. Gillespie

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Photos by Vonnell Law


Expand // Dissolve // Dissipate // Re-Form

Colin Roy Gillespie is a Toronto-based sound artist and producer. Born in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Colin began utilizing analog equipment and other pre-digital mediums, such as reel to reel recorders, 1⁄4” tape loops and manipulated field recordings, to create a vibrating union of organic and synthesized textures.

After self-releasing his solo debut, 2016’s intimate and deeply-textured All Known, Colin delves further into his non-verbal tendencies, upon which he has crafted a new makeshift-ambient effort, Séance Works. A fascination with the fragility of the recorded sound; a study in genesis, sustain and decay in modern technology, his environment-as-instrument ethos demonstrates a surrealistic collapse of space, forming the pulse upon which melody expires like vapour.

Currently, Colin has formed the live audio/visual project Séance Commissions to properly exhibit the soundscapes found on Séance Works. Projected through artist Rachelle Walker’s kaleidoscopic video collages, Séance Commissions exhibits a feedback-loop of perceptive imagery in an actively-ephemeral experience. Together, the unified and wordless discourse establishes a fabrication of intrinsic memory, in which the viewer may build or dismantle their own interpretation of past identity.

Séance Works is available from Heretical Objects Cooperative (Cassette), RRGems Records (Vinyl), Spotify and Apple Music