Expand // Dissolve // Dissipate // Re-Form

C.R. Gillespie is the slightly-abbreviated incarnation of Colin Roy Gillespie, Toronto-based sound artist and producer. Born in Nanaimo, B.C. Colin has since settled in Ontario, com- pleted a formal degree in jazz studies, and joined noise-rock band Greys in 2012, who con- tinue to record and tour Canada, the United States, and Europe extensively. Long enamored with the possibilities of ambient-based music and musique-concréte, Colin began utilizing analog equipment and other pre-digital mediums, such as reel to reel recorders, 1⁄4” tape loops and manipulated field recordings, to create a vibrating bricolage of organic and synthe- sized textures.

After self-releasing his solo debut, 2016’s intimate and deeply-textured All Known, Col-
in delves further into his non-verbal tendencies, upon which he has crafted a new make- shift-ambient effort, Séance Works. Inspired by the actively mesmerizing synth-work of Su- zanne Ciani, the spacious intimacy of Gigi Masin, and the valued stillness of Brian Eno, his environment-as-instrument ethos demonstrates a surrealistic collapse of space, forming the pulse upon which melody expires like vapour. A fascination with the fragility of the recorded sound; a study in genesis, sustain and decay in modern technology.

Currently, Colin has formed the live audio/visual project Séance Commissions to properly exhibit the soundscapes found on Séance Works. Projected through artist Rachelle Walker’s kaleidoscopic video collages, Séance Commissions exhibits a feedback-loop of perceptive imagery in an actively-ephemeral experience. An auditory hallucination, built from careworn nostalgia and unsettling repetition, constructing a terrain of collapsed and impossible envi- ronments. Rendering footage both unreal and mundane, Rachelle blends and further recom- bines various histories until they depart from their original context, asserting themselves into a shaky breadcrumb trail wandering an unfamiliar cultural narrative. Colin’s use of soft- ly-rippling synthetic sequencing, matched with often-prosaic recordings of rural atmospheres and eerie situations, seeks to weld the organic and coldly industrial into an enveloping landscape. Together, the unified and wordless discourse of Séance Commissions establish-

es a fabrication of intrinsic memory, in which the viewer may build or dismantle their own interpretation of past identity.